ZDT problems

This package contains many convenient classes to solve ZDT problems within ParadisEO-MOEO. Examples using NSGAII, IBEA and SPEA2 are provided.


To install the package, please refer to the "README.txt" file.

Problem description

Zitzler-Deb-Thiele's (ZDT) Test Problems

Reference: Zitzler, E., Deb, K., Thieler, L.: Comparison of multiobjective evolutionary algorithms: Empirical results. IEEE Trans. on Evol. Computation 8 (2000) 173-195.

Solver description

Theses problems are tested by algorithms implemented using ParadisEO-MOEO.

The following components are representation-dependent (some are already defined in ParadisEO):

  • eoRealVectorBounds: Solution encoding
  • eoRealInitBounded: The initializer
  • ZDTXEval (X is the number of the problem (1, 2, 3, 4, 6): Evaluator containing the objective function
  • SBXCrossover: crossover
  • PolynomialMutation: mutation

The others are generic in ParadisEO:

  • eoPop: the population
  • eoGenContinue: Stopping criteria (fixed number of generations)
  • eoTimeContinue: Another stopping criteria (fixed an evaluation time)

The three algorithms used:

  • moeoIBEA
  • moeoNSGAII
  • moeoSPEA2