Use ParadisEO-MOEO to solve the Feature Selection problem

In this contribution, the problem of feature selection has been modeled as a multi-objective combinatorial optimization problem using Paradiseo framework.We use a genetic algorithm (GA). To deal with this very specific problem, some advanced mechanisms have been introduced in the genetic algorithm suchas sharing, random immigrant, dedicated genetic operators and a particular distance operator has been defined.

Problem description

The specificities of this problem is that we are not looking for single feature but for several associations of features that may be involved in the studied disease. Results are promising for biologists as the algorithm seems to be robust and to be able to isolate interesting associations.

Solver description

This problem is tackled by a genetic algorithm implemented using ParadisEO-MOEO (see the FeatureSelectionEA.cpp in the archive).



To install the package, follow these steps:

  • Download one of the previous archives and decompress it.
  • Edit the "install.cmake" file and replace the path by the absolute path of ParadisEO
    => Example:
SET(PARADISEO_DIR "/home/.../yourParadiseoDirectory" CACHE PATH "ParadisEO directory" FORCE)
  • Go in the "build" directory
  • Run (in a terminal/console): cmake .. -G"<generator type>"
    (Several generators exist: see)
  • Compile using the appropriate tool (run "make" if you choose the "Unix Makefiles" generator)
  • Install the data for testing the tool (run "make install")