ParadisEO-SMP: Symmetric MultiProcessing

Paradiseo-SMP is a generic library for parallel models of Metaheuristics. It is designed to tends to accept any methods proposed by EO, MO and MOEO and to enable you to parallelize really fast your own algorithms based on ParadisEO.

Suffering from a lack of portability, ParadisEO-SMP will be available on most operating systems as soon as they supply compilers that implement the new features of the C++ 2011 standard used in SMP.

Master / Slaves

  • The evaluation of the offspring is generally the most computationally expensive step of the EA.
  • Parallelization based on the distribution of the evolving population.

The cooperative Island Model

The Island Model is not implemented at the moment and will be added in some months.

  • Distribution of the population in a set of islands in which semi-isolated EAs are executed.
  • Sparse individual exchanges are performed among these islands with the goal of introducing more diversity into the target populations.

Summary of Features

  • Portability: Unix with gcc >= 4.7
  • Master / Slaves models:
    • Scheduling policies :
      • Progressive
      • Linear
    • Wrapper for main algorithms :
      • eoEasyEA
      • eoEasyPSO
      • eoSyncEasyPSO

Getting Started