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ParadisEO Team

Download ParadisEO

ParadisEO is distributed under the CeCill license.
The current stable release is ParadisEO 2.0.1.

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This requires administration rights. If you want the SMP module, install with sources.


Direct Download

ParadisEO 2.0 + SMP Module

PEO is not supplied with this archive. You can download it in the above section or using the Git repository.

PEO Module

The PEO module does not work with Windows environnement.

Git Access

Git repository of this project is available anonymously through the following command

->git clone

git clone git://

Tools Package

As the installation of ParadisEO with Windows environnement requires CMake and a C++ compiler (MinGW only), we supply a tools package containing CMake, MinGW 32 and Doxygen. Do not forget to reboot your computer after the installation of this package.

Quick Start

The archive below contains an exemple of a project using ParadisEO and a guide to create your own project. Follow the Quick Start guide for more details.

Download ParadisEO-GPUParadisEO-GPU: deprecated

Older versions