Examples on the differents metaheuristics are available in "tutorials" directory of each module of ParadisEO. Here you can find the corresponding explications.

Tutorials EO:

Tutorials MO:

Tutorials MOEO:

  • MOEO Lesson1 Implement NSGA, NSGA-II and IBEA for the SCH1 problem
  • MOEO Lesson2 Evolutionary Algorithms for the flow-shop scheduling problem
  • MOEO Lesson3 Evolutionary Algorithms with a user-friendly parameter file
  • MOEO Lesson4 Dominance-based Local Search for the flow-shop scheduling problem

Tutorials SMP: new

  • SMP Lesson1 Algorithm wrapping with Master / Workers model

Tutorials PEO:

GPU tutorials: *GPU Lesson1 CUDA installation and configuration *GPU Lesson2 Prerequisites: How to configure Paradiseo-GPU *GPU Lesson3 Prerequisites: How to define solution on GPU *GPU Lesson4 Prerequisites: How to define neighbor & neighborhood on GPU *GPU Lesson5 Prerequisites: How to evaluate solution & neighbor on GPU *GPU Lesson6 Hill Climbing and Tabu Search on GPU