Paradiseo-MOEO Lesson 2 : A bi-objective flow-shop scheduling problem

Introduction  /  Problem Definition  /  Individual Representation  /  Evaluation functions   /  Variation operators   /  The representation-independent things   /  Compilation and execution   /  Conclusion  


Congratulation, you have designed a multi-objective evolutionary algorithm to tackle a bi-objective flow-shop scheduling problem using ParadisEO-MOEO. Now, you can modify the components to observe the changes between different strategies... Go to the lesson 3 to modify these components in more a easier way thanks to the parameter file.

If you want to analyse and to evalute the results obtained by different algorithms (i.e. the objective vectors contained in the archive at the end of an execution), we recommend you to use GUIMOO, a Graphical User Interface for Multi-Objective Optimization.

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