Install ParadisEO with Linux or Mac OS X

  1. Install g++ and CMake.
  2. Download and extract ParadisEO (available here).
  3. In a terminal, assuming you are in the ParadisEO folder :

    > mkdir build && cd build
  4. To make the installation easier, ParadisEO propose you two installation types which are "Full" and "Min".
    Full corresponds examples / lessons, tests and obviously libraries.
    Min corresponds to libraries and headers and it is the standard behavior.

    According to your needs, use one of the following command :

    > cmake .. -G "Unix Makefiles" -DINSTALL_TYPE=full


    which is equivalent to

    > cmake ..
  5. Finally, compile ParadisEO :

    > make

For further information about building and installation process, refer to the INSTALL file provided at the root of ParadisEO folder or to this page.

A Quick Start Guide is available to help you to create your own project using ParadisEO.