Install ParadisEO : List of options for CMake



  • Doxygen for documentation
  • lcov for coverage

Build type

There are 2 types of build : Release or Debug. To explicitly change the type, add -DDEBUG=true, otherwise, it will be the Release type.


You can change the compiler used by CMake with the following options :




This requires administration rights.

To install ParadisEO in standard paths (such as /usr/lib for lib and /usr/include for headers on UNIX-like) :

> make install

Specific module

EO Module only

If you want to compile and install only the Evolving Objects module, you can add to CMake the following option :

> cmake .. -DEO_ONLY

SMP Module

To enable the compilation of the SMP module, just add -DSMP=true to CMake :

> cmake .. -DSMP=true

For further information, go to the SMP Install page.

PEO Module

Do not forget to add PEO sources in your ParadisEO sources folder.

To enable the compilation of the PEO module, just add -DPEO=true to CMake :

> cmake .. -DPEO=true

For further information, go to the PEO Install page.


There is 2 ways to build ParadisEO documentation : module by module, or all the documentation.

Targets are :

  • doc for all documentations
  • doc-eo for building EO documentation
  • doc-mo for MO
  • doc-moeo for MOEO
  • doc-smp for SMP

Each documentation are generated separatly in the module build folder. For instance, after the generation of the MO documentation, you will find it in build/mo/doc.

Lessons / Examples

Examples and lessons are generated by default. If you want to disable lessons manually, you have to specify -DENABLE_CMAKE_EXAMPLE=false to CMake. If you want to build a specific lesson or example, you can check the list of available targets with make help.

All lessons are build on the same pattern : <module>Lesson<number>. For instance, make moLesson4 will build the Lesson 4 from the MO module.



By performing tests, you can check your installation. Testing is disable by default, except if you build with the full install. To enable testing, define -DENABLE_CMAKE_TESTING=true when you launch CMake.

To perform tests simply type ctest or make test.


Feel free to send us reports about building, installation, tests and profiling in order to help us to improve compatibilty and installation process. Sending reports is very simple :

> ctest -D Experimental

Reports are anonymous. CTest will also send informations about your configuration such as OS, CPU frequency, etc.