Install ParadisEO


ParadisEO is made of five components:

Only EO , MO and MOEO can be used with Windows environments.
As SMP uses new C++ 2011 standard features, it will be progressively supported by all operating systems, including Windows and OS X.

Installation with packages

The simpliest way to install ParadisEO is to use packages provided on the download page. Notice that on Linux and Mac OS X, packages will install ParadisEO in /usr/local/.
We would like to draw your attention on the fact that installation with packages requires administration rights on your machine.

In addition, the SMP module is not included in any package, even for UNIX, for compatibility reasons. You need to install ParadisEO with sources if you want it.

Finaly, the PEO module is not supply with packages and have to be added to a source installation. Progressively, the PEO module will be replaced by SMP for shared memory parallelism, and EOMpi for distributed memory parallelism.

The Windows installer allows you to choose components for a custom installation. The UNIX packages will install all components, ie. libraries, headers, examples and documentation. For a custom installation under UNIX, please install ParadisEO with sources.

Installation with sources

To install ParadisEO, go to the corresponding section:

To install SMP module, go to this page.
To install PEO module, go to this page.

For an exhaustive list of options for CMake, refer to that page.